Supplemental Instruction


The Supplemental Instruction program is dedicated to continuous improvement of its resources and services. To facilitate this improvement, the program undergoes a variety of assessments on an annual basis. Although these assessments address a wide range of concerns, they primarily measure the extent to which the Supplemental Instruction program accomplishes its mission statement and learning outcomes.

Our Mission

The mission of Utah Tech University’s Supplemental Instruction Program is to improve student success and retention in the “traditionally difficult” courses, while aiding students in becoming higher level thinkers and self empowered learners. The program aims to provide students with peer facilitated group study sessions. These sessions aim to enhance student comprehension of course content and expose them to valuable study skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to utilize what they have learned and skills they have acquired through SI to increase success in all their courses.
  2. Students will demonstrate increased confidence in their ability to meet all course objectives and learn independently.
  3. Students will learn and apply improved study habits and time management skills.

Annual Reports

Results from the Supplemental Instruction program’s ongoing assessments are compiled into annual reports. These reports are published through the program’s website to provide UT’s students and faculty with a sense of the center’s efficacy.

2021-2022 Report

2023 Report